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Notts DA Rules

Our simple rules will ensure you have a Wonderful Weekend

The club do not have many rules but those that we do have are in place to ensure that we can all enjoy ourselves in the countryside and on site with the minimum of restriction and the maximum of safety.

Notts DA weekend sites are available from 3pm on Friday, unless otherwise stated on this website and/or in the Out and
About. All visitors must report to the site steward immediately on arrival at the site.

Please remember the 20 foot rule. This is the minimum separating distance between units. There is normally space enough at our weekend meets for campers to spread themselves a little more generously but common sense should always be applied and please abide by the stewards instructions if shortage of space is, or is expected to be an issue

No units may be left unattended overnight.

Generators: The following has been agreed throughout our Club. "Campers may only use generators with the stewards permission. If a complaint is received or the steward considers it to be causing a nuisance then he may ask the camper to stop using it." Notts D.A. Committee would ask that generators are only run between the hours of 9am - 9pm and for no more than 3 consecutive hours. The generator should be placed next to the door of your own unit.

When you wash out or fill your toilet top, you should never do it directly from a drinking water tap. The toilet should always be taken to the signed "elsan" disposal point and drained off there. Please take a container of water with you to rinse out your toilet. Sometimes there may be a tap near to the elsan point but again this should not be used directly unless clearly marked for use specifically at the elsan point. You may fill your clean water container just the once at the nearest tap and use that to rinse. If you have touched your toilet with the container that you are using and the nearest tap is for drinking water, then please do not use your container again at that tap until you have cleaned it.

Waste water should normally be emptied in the hedge bottom, please do not allow it to drain on to the grass.

Children and adults should only play games if they are well away from the tents and caravans. This applies especially to
ball games, throwing of Frisbees and flying of kites. Even then you should use your common sense to ensure that you have no potential to become a problem to your fellow campers.

All vehicles -including cycles - should keep their speed down to 5mph or lower. No vehicles to be driven on the site
between 11pm and 7am and no learner drivers allowed to drive onsite.

If you have pets please ensure that they do not cause annoyance in any way to other campers.
Farm buildings and farm implements are normally out of bounds.

We reccommend you have a fire bucket full of water outside your unit, especially on campsites where no fire-fighting equipment is supplied.There’s further good advice on the DirectGov website

For information...

Coffee mornings are held occasionally to update with latest information on forthcoming events..

All paid up CCY members are welcome to pitch their tent in the Youth area. However, if they are cooking the 20 foot rule
also applies to them. Please remember - the children you bring with you are your responsibility at all times, so please
ensure you know where they are and what they are doing. A tuck shop is usually available for all to use. Proceeds are
used for the children's activities.

Notts DA Concession systems (RCR)

Over many years systems have been developed to enable funds to be used to give concessions to Notts DA members.

The following is a summary of the systems that have been approved in D.A. minutes and are currently in force.

Regular Campers Register (R.C.R)

This system has been part of Notts DA administration since December 1978 and has always been well documented with the rules displayed. 

The purpose of the RCR is to reward members, who camp regularly with Notts DA with initial ticket allocation and reduced prices for functions as pre-determined by the Committee.

Your committee has decided to continue with the Regular Campers Register (RCR)

Members will need 8 stars to qualify for the RCR, as from November, the RCR will run from NYE to Bonfire Meet. This will allow us to have an up to date RCR in time for Christmas/Year end.

Stars will be awarded by the committee to any member who is unable to attend a Notts DA meet due to that member officially representing Notts DA, with prior agreement of the committee.

Any member wishing to claim stars for any reason, other than attending a Notts DA meet, should do so in writing, to the Secretary, no later than 60 days after the event. Clerical errors will be rectified when found.

The Record Keeper will only record the information of Notts DA members attending meets from information entered onto the Stewards Sheet for that weekend concerned. Any additional credits are only to be added when advised by the Secretary and approved by the Committee and documented.

      The full rules (issued in 1978 and revised in 1980 and 1986) are held by the DA Secretary.

Notts DA Seniors Identification Card for Camping Meets (Yellow Card)

Yellow Card

This card was introduced some years ago so that meet stewards could easily identify the Notts DA members who were eligible for reduced camping fees at Notts DA camping meets.  It should be shown alongside the current membership card when arriving on site.  Once in receipt of a card it does not have to be issued yearly.

     The qualification for a card is as follows ‘upon reaching the age of 65 reduced
camping fees, as determined by the Committee will be applied’.

     This card can be obtained from the DA Secretary on production of proof of age. Any qualifying Notts DA member not in
possession of a yellow card may be asked to produce some other proof of age i.e. driving licence, by the steward of the
meet in order to gain the benefit of any reduced fees as applied to a specific meets.

Notts D.A. Senior Citizens Concessions (Blue Card) 

Blue Card

This system was introduced some years ago, so that, at the discretion of the Committee reduced fees for Social activities were available to Senior Citizen Members of the DA. 

To qualify for this Concession Card, the member must be 65 years of age, in receipt of state pension and had 3 successive years membership of the RCR system, immediately prior to reaching the age of 65.

This system can be effectively used at any time by the current Committee.

Message from the Secretary:-
If you qualify for either or both cards and I may not realise your age or qualifying status, please contact me preferably by email on with your request."

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